Premium Hunting

The unique combination of a breeding program in conjunction with management of our wild herd produces a unique experience that can only be had with us. The introduction of northern genetics into our native herd has shown promising results which we are very excited to showcase. Our property offers every hunter the possibility to take a once in a lifetime trophy. This is not your typical high fence ranch. Our rough terrain with canyons and cedar thickets makes every trip a true hunting experience.

Management Hunts

Allows our hunters the flexibility of staying at the Main House, where meals are provided, or stay at the Bunk House, where you prepare your own food. Both options include hunts for deer up to 130 B/C, or Guides Discretion.

Main House $ 2,250.00
Bunk House $ 2,000.00
All Non-Hunters $ 150.00 per day
Trophy Hunt
The Trophy Hunt Base fee is $ 2,500.00, which includes a deer up to 139 B/C and applicable listed Trophy Fees.

140 Class $1,000
150 Class $2,000
160 Class $3,000
170 Class $5,000
180 Class $6,500
190 Class $8,500
200 & UP $9,500 + $200.00 Per Additional Inch

For Pricing Questions, Please Feel Free to Call

Rob Hunt (254) 715-4551


Pat Short (254) 709-8885